what does it mean? It is a mystery

uhh fuck
drugs are bad ima stop for a lil while i cant even keep track of time lol its like 4 am break does bad things to people.

I seriously drove for 7 hours today to san diego and back. Orientation was cool met a bunch of new people and figured out that I could just get C's in all my current classes and be fine.

All the girls here are way cuter though i'm going to miss it I was spoiled here haha

est drast vyoo tye
russian is a pretty cool language if i must say so myself i should finish learning it but i get so tired all the time. I smoked so much pot yesterday seriously like an 8th between me and my friends.

I was tripping the fuck out so crazy. I hate when I miss an interesting text message and you message them back like what? and never get the end of the story funny

I either did amazing or I did terrible, tests are funny ha ha I like it better when I can check my own work.

Umm I want to go drunk mountain climbing I haven't in a long time it is a good adventure so i say. I have to give a persuasive speech on global warming. I think I will just do a huge mathematical proof and confuse everyone

mmm almost done with the semester... good times, what will i do to pass the time once im out. I dunno maybe pick up an old hobby.

I learned how to whistle today.

allo, on logic and thought
It always bugs me when people argue with some convoluted mix mash of ideas. I mean, if you know what you believe can you at least go over it a few times and organize your thoughts in a way that doesn't make me have to sit down and figure it out.

Funny ja? hehe I have a shitload of math and chem to do.

But don't get me wrong i'm not some sort of libertarian science is the only valuable profession anti social chucklefuck ja ja. I'm just saying that logic is important if you ever plan on talking about politics or philosophy or anything.

makes you think doesn't it...

I like to write
but when I do write it doesn't really make sense, I like to work in jokes that only I would understand, they are all like philosophy. like the cave, platos cave ja know. we can't all watch some of us have to do something else, but i'm sitting here projecting my images. ja know that's why it's funny to me.


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